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Hello, people. :D

Welcome to my page, home of my Hetalia and Ace Attorney reader inserts.

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Anyways, enjoy your stay, and have a cookie. :3 :cookie:

I don't own my awesome Deviant ID. I wish I could draw that well. xD

Ace Attorney High School thing.

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 15, 2014, 10:52 PM
0) Hi. I'm doing this because I want to. Have fun reading, if you dare.

1. Phoenix Wright
2. Miles Edgeworth
3. Maya Fey
4. Dick Gumshoe
5. Winston Payne
6. Ema Skye
7. Klavier Gavin
8. Apollo Justice
9. Trucy Wright
10. Franziska von Karma

1) 9, 4 and you are in one door room. How do you react?
  (( Trucy and Gumshoe. Awesome. :D ))
  Me: Hi guys.
  Gumshoe: Hey pals. Want to play a game?
  Trucy: Ooh, yeah! What game?
  Gumshoe: It's called Uno. Heard of it?
  Me: I love that freaking game.
  Trucy: Nope. How do you play?
  *We play Uno and I win a round, Trucy wins two, and Gumshoe wins none.*

2)7 wants to see how much progress you've made unpacking. What do they see when they open the door?
  (( Klavier. Dear god ))
  Klavier: *Opens the door to find me writing, making no unpacking progress*
  Me: *Looks up at Klavier* Hi.
  Klavier: *sighs* Nikki, mein gott, when are you going to start unpacking? We can't rock and roll with cute men and women until you finish.
  Me: I'll do it later, I'm writing.
  Klavier: Writing what, if I may ask?
  Me: *blushes* Nothing.
  Klavier: Komm Schon, Nikki, you can tell me.
  Me:*blushes harder* Nope. Not this time, Klavier.
  Klavier: *Takes my laptop*
  Me: *Was writing a Klavier x Apollo fanfic*
  Klavier: *Blushes* Gott verdammt.
  Me: Told you. *Attempts to get laptop back*
  Klavier: Warten, Nikki, let me read it.
  Me: Okay...
  Klavier: *Sits next to me and reads it* 

3) You first class biology you sit beside 2 who forgot the text books. How does the class go? (( Edgeworth ))
    Edgeworth: *Looks around for a bit before deciding to ask me* Excuse me.
    Me: *is listening to music*
    Edgeworth: *sighs and taps my shoulder*
    Me: *takes my earbud out* What's up?
    Edgeworth: *Blushes or awkwardness* Is it possible that I can borrow your text book for today? I accidentally left mine at home...
    Me: Yeah, go ahead. I've already taken this class, I don't really need this. *Hands Edgeworth the textbook*
    Edgeworth: *takes the textbook* Thank you, Miss.....
    Me: Nikki.
    Edgeworth: Last name?
    Me: *beeeeeeeep*
    Edgeworth: Right, Miss *beeeeeeeeep*. Thank you again.
    Me: No problem. Let me know if you need anything else, okay?
    Edgeworth: I will. Thank you.
    Me: No problem. *Puts other earbud back in*

4) You need help whit physic you ask 1. How does 1 help you? (( Phoenix. Hell yeah. ))
    Me: *turns around to face Phoenix's desk* hey, Phoenix?
    Phoenix: *Looks up from his work* What's up, Nikki?
    Me: I don't understand problem number 3. Will you help me?
    Phoenix: What a funny coincidence. I'm working on that one right now. 
    Me: Would you mind if I work with you on it?
    Phoenix: Not at all.
    *We work on the problem and figure it out, yay*

5) Lunch time! You sit on a table whit 3,5,8 What are you talking about? (( Maya, Payne, and Apollo ))
    Apollo, Maya, Maya and I are talking, while Payne is being invisible in the background. We don't like him. xD

6) 6 tries to steal lunch from 8. What happens? (( Ema and Apollo. Hehe. ))
    Ema: Apollo, let me have your lunch. Please?
    Apollo: Why so you need it?
    Ema: Do you really want to know?
    Apollo: Is it that bad?
    Ema: I guess not...
    Apollo: Then sure, why not?
    Ema: You see, I'm on my period so-
    Apollo: Okay, okay, fine, have my lunch.
    Ema: *Steals it, Snackoo's him, and runs away*

7) P.E. you teacher told you to do warm up whit 10, when a fight break out between 4 and 5) What is the reason for it? And what do you two do about it? (( Franziska, Gumshoe, Payne. ))
    Franziska: Faster, Nikki. You can do better push ups than that!
    Me: No, I really can't.... Two.
    Franziska: Lower, or I'll hit you with my whip.
    Me: *tries to go lower* Th.. Three.
    Franziska: Good. Keep it up, Nikki.
    Gumshoe: Hey, watch what you say about Nikki! She's an awesome girl!
    Payne: Really? She sucks at athletics, not to mention math.
    Gumshoe: That doesn't change how she is as a person!
    Me: *Looks at them*
    Franziska: focus on your push-ups. I'll deal with those buffoons. *walks over and whips the shit out of them for causing them for causing too much of a distraction*

8) First school day done, you are tired arent you? 1 ask you if you want to go whit him for a coffee? How does he ask you and what do you say? (( Phoenix again. :D ))
    Me: *Walks off of campus*
    Phoenix: *is waiting for me* Hey, Nikki.
    Me: *Takes out earbud* Oh, hey Phoenix. What's up?
    Phoenix: I was wondering if you'd like to get some coffee with me?
    Me: Are we going to Starbucks?
    Phoenix: Yeah... Where else would we go? *laughs*
    Me: *Laughs* Alright then. Let's go.
    *We go and talk and shit. Fun time.*

9) You woke up in the night and sees 7 about to play a prank on 4. What do you do? (( Klavier and Gumshoe. God, this is perfect. ))
    Klavier: *Is putting shaving cream in Gumshoe's hand*
    Me: *rubs my eyes* K-Klavier?
    Klavier: *Turns around and signals me to be quiet before walking quietly to me* Schweigen, Nikki, I'm pulling a prank on the scruffy detective.
    Me: *Is more silent* Why?
    Klavier: *Because. It will be funny, ja?"
    Me: No. Klavier- *yawns* - don't do it. He's a nice guy. He doesn't deserve it.
    Klavier: *Groans* Fine.
    *I wake up Gumshoe and help him clean up befoer we all go back to bed*
    Me: *wakes up in the morning to Gumshoe knocking on my door*
    Gumshoe: Nikkiiii! Klavier pulled the prank on me!
    Me: I'll get back at Klavier later. *Groans and goes back to sleep*

10) Oh noes few days later you lost a bet, now you have to write a smutty story about 2 and 9. What do you write? (( Edgeworth and Trucy... ))
    Edgeworth started it, and shit happened. The end. 

11)There is a party you see 6 and 8 dance. What do you think? (( Ema and Apollo ))
    Me: God, they suck at dancing.

12) Too much alcohol, you got drunk. 3 help you to bed. How does 3 do it? (( Maya's turn!! ))
    Maya: Come on. Nikki, go to bed.
    Me: *Blushing everywhere* N-no. I ssssstill got hotties to kiss.
    Maya: Nikki, please go to bed. I promise Nick will get you burgers tomorrow~~.

    Me: What kind of burger?
    Maya: Whatever kind you want.
    Me: .... Can... That guy *points to Apollo* come along too?
    Maya: Sure, why not?
    Me: Yo, Apollo! We're getting burgers tomorrow~!
    Apollo: O-okay?
    Me: Yes.
    Maya: Alright, Nikki, time to go to sleep.
    Me: B-but I still got hotties to kiss...
    Maya: *Laughs* No more. How about I walk you to your bedroom?
    Me: Okay.

13) You wake up to find 1 sleeping beside you. You reaction? (( Fuck yeah. More Phoenix. ))
    Me: *Wakes up to bed moving around*
    Phoenix: *Is shifting around* *is now facing me*
    Me: *looks at Phoenix* .... *scoots closer to him and falls asleep again*

14) 3 is sorry about what happened. How does 3 make up to you? (( Maya ))
    Maya: *Knocks on my door* Niiiiiikki! It's time to get burgers!!
    Me: *Wakes up slowly* Okaay. give me a few minutes to get readyyyy....
    Maya: Okay! By the way, have you seen Nick lately? I haven't seen him since last night...
    Me: Nope, sorr- *Opens eyes* Sorry.
    Maya: It's fine. Will you text him and ask where he is?
    Me: Yeah, sure. 
    Maya: Thanks, Nikki! I'll wait outside for you.
    Me: Okay.
    Maya: *leaves*
*I wake Phoenix up and we get burgers, yay.*

15)Oh Noes! 10 found the story about 2 and 9 you wrote. What does 10 do? (( Franziska ))
    Franziska: *whips me to pieces*

16) You are in the library and finds 2,7,8 whispering in a hurry. They look like they are discussing something important. You move a bit near to them what do you hear? (( Edgeworth, Klavier, and Apollo )) SKIP THIS QUESTION IF YOU DON'T LIKE ACE ATTORNEY PAIRINGS. ESPECIALLY KLAPOLLO AND NARUMITSU. >: D

    Apollo: Mr. Edgeworth....Is it okay for Klavier and I to have a relationship like this? He keeps saying that it's okay, but I'm not sure...
    Edgeworth: *Sighs* Yes, it's perfectly fine... After all, Phoenix and I are in a relationship as well.
    Apollo: WHAAAAAT?
    Library people: SHHHHH.
    Me: *Laughs*
    Klavier: See, Mein Forehead, it's fine for us to be together, especially if Herr Edgeworth and Herr Wright are doing it as well.
    Apollo: *Blushes* 
    Klavier: *chuckles* Speaking of being together, how is your relationship with Herr Wright doing?
    Edgeworth: We're not doing anything special, really. Though, he does take me out to some rather nice restaurants, which must be hard to pay, on his salary.
    Apollo: Hey, Mr. Wright gets a good salary. He gets a lot of money a year.
    Klavier: Anyways, Herr Edgeworth, danke for your time.
    Edgeworth: It's no problem. Mr. Gavin, I assume I'll see you in the office tomorrow?
    Klavier: Ja.
    Edgeworth: Good.

17) 9 tells you a gossip that 5 and 6 were seen making out. What do you think about it? (( Trucy, Payne, Ema ))
    Me:..... No.
    Trucy: But it's true! 
    Me: No.

18)Lucky you you found a cupcake standing lonely on a table. You eat it. 10 sees you eating it what does 10 tell you? (( Franziska ))
    Franziska: *Laughs*
    Me: *Mouth full of cupcake* What?
    Franziska: Oh, nothing.

19)You were poisoned to dead. You wake up, ah the cupcake was just a bad dream. You decide to go to 5 room for comfort and finds them playing spin the bottle. You walked in as 6 had to kiss 10. (( Payne, Ema, Franziska ))
    Me: *walks out*

20) Too late you were pulled into the game 4 and you have to kiss. Uh-oh... (( GUMSHOE. OH MY GOD. ))
    Me: *Blushes insanely*
    Gumshoe: *Blushes*
    Me: *Kisses Gumshoes cheek* C-can we call it a day?
    Phoenix: No, no. You have to actually kiss.
    Trucy: It's the spirit of the game, Nikki!
    *Gumshoe and I blush more*
    Me: Can we at least go somewhere private?
    Gumshoe: Yeah, that'd be a lot better than doing it out in the public...
    Ema: No way! I had to kiss von Karma in front of everyone!
    Apollo: She makes a good point, you know...
    Franziska: That was rather unenjoyable...
    Me: Uuuuugh, fine. *Kisses Gumshoe*
    Gumshoe: *Kisses back*

21) 8 just took a picture of the kiss and tossed the camera to 2 and 2 runs away whit it. why do you think they did it? (( Apollo, Edgeworth ))
    Gumshoe and I: *Kiss*
    Me: The shit?
    Apollo: Mr. Edgeworth! *Throws the camera*
    Edgeworth: *Catches it and runs away* *Runs into Phoenix in the hallway* Mr. Wright. Will you, uh, please hold on to this and give it back to Nikki?
    Phoenix: Sure. *Takes the camera* Want to walk back together?
    Edgeworth: No. I'd rather not play that game anymore. 
    Phoenix: Alright. See you later.
    *They walk away*

22) 9 and you were going to your room talking about the hard exam, when you open the door to find 1 and 7 on your bed....What do you think happened and what are the reaction of you and 9? (( Trucy, Phoenix, Klavier ))
    Me: Oh my god, that exam was so hard.
    Trucy: Agreed. I thought about pulling out Mr. Hat to make another daring escape!
    Me: Don't do that. That's a bad idea. *laughs*
    Trucy: *Laughs*
    Me: *Opens my door*
    Trucy: Daddy...?
    Phoenix and Klavier: *Looks up at the door* IT'S NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!
    Me: Get the shit off of my bed. And clean the sheets, too.
    Klavier: Dame, how may times must we say until you believe us, it wasn't what it looked like.
    Me: Yeah, yeah.
    Trucy: Daddy, if you want to be in a relationship with Klavier, I'll support you the whole way!
    Phoenix: B-but I'm already with Edgeworth!!
    Klavier: And I'm with Herr Forehead!
    Me: But that doesn't stop you guys from doing other things...
    Phoenix and Klavier: IT WASN'T WHAT IT LOOKED LIKE!

23) 3 decided to tag two people to do this meme, what do you tell 3?
    Maya: Nikki has decided not to tag anyone, so if you want to do it, you can. Have a good day! Niiiiiiick, can we get some burgers now?
    Phoenix: Hold on Maya, I've got this guy on the ropes!

    Everyone: Good night.
    Me: Until next time. 

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