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Request for lyubit!
Hope you enjoy it!

Bad Touch Trio X Reader

You sighed and walked through the halls of your 'wonderful' school, Hetalia High. You were the personification of ___(country name)__, so your boss forced you to go here. 'Great. I get to go to the place where I get to be alone sexually harassed by-'

"Hey __________~," the group of men shouted towards you from your left, over the surrounding girl's voices asking - I'm sorry, begging - the members to go out with them.

You heard the familiar voices and turned your head to see if you heard the voices right. Surely enough, it was the Bad Touch Trio, the group that sexually harassed you every day.

'Speak of the devil' you thought to yourself as you take a right turn, going the long way to your first class and staying out of the Bad Touch Trio's path.

Camera on Bad Touch Trio!

The Bad Touch Trio frowned and stood up.

All of the girls silenced themselves as the Prussian spoke. "If you vould excuse us fraus."

The Spaniard took over the sentence. "We have some business to take care of."

Before the Frenchman could finish off the sentence, a girl standing in the middle of the crowd shouted. "It better not be with __________!" This earned a lot of agreeing shouts from the fellow girls. Some of the other girls were shouting at the girl for interrupting them.

"Ne vous inquiétez pas mes amours," when the Frenchman spoke his native tongue, all of the girls silenced down and hoped that they would hear the other men's native tongue as well. All three members smirked and continued on with their plan to leave. "Ve vill be back~"

"No nos falta mucho, we will reunite again one day, mis niñas, and we will be yours again."

The Prussian took one of the girls hands and kissed it lightly.

That girl, and all of the others, gave out a fangirl squeal.

The Prussian smirked and finished them off. "Mein fraus, ven ve come back, ve vill surely not leave your side."

All of the girls stood there for a moment, then started squealing and talking to one another.

The Bad Touch Trio used that opportunity to escape and catch up with you.

Back to the star - You!

You open your locker when Francis puts his left arm on the next locker to the left. He whispers into your ear, "Honhonhon J'ai cherché partout pour vous, belle. Aimeriez-vous revenir à la maison avec moi ce soir?"

His voice sent chills down your spine. 'God Dammit, why does he have to bug me now?' You sighed and ignored him.

"Come on __________, you can not resist me. Non of ze ladies can." Francis said.

"Well, why don't you sexually harass the other girls?" You mumble to yourself, continuing on with your business.

Suddenly you feel two hands slap your ass.

You give out a squeak because of the pain and start blushing.


'As if Francis wasn't enough,' you think to yourself and  continue to work in your locker, ignoring them again.

They both frown at your actions then smirk at each other.

They both come up behind you and kiss you on opposite sides of your neck, Francis once again taking up the left and Gilbert kissing the right side of your neck.

"S-stop, please," was all you could manage to get out of your mouth.

Francis and Gilbert smirked against your skin, satisfied that they got something out of you, and pulled away.

You turn around to face the two men. "What do you want with me?"

Gilbert gets closer to you and strokes your cheek.

You flinch from the contact before Gilbert answers your question. "Isn't it obvious frau, Wir wollen Ihren Körper."

You take a step backwards to have your back hit the locker. "I don't know what that means, but I'm not doing anything with you two."

Antonio comes out from behind the locker door and puts his arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him and nibbling on your ear lobe.

You squeak again and turn an even darker red. You knew that what the men were doing to you were wrong, but there actions were making you feel powerless and not able to fight back.

You open your mouth in protest before Gilbert's lips capture yours.

Your eyes open wide in shock and attempt to push him away.

Before you could successfully get him off, he took his hands off your shoulders and put his right hand on your ass.

Francis somehow managed to get in between you and the lockers and started kissing your neck, wrapping his arms around your stomach, with hopes of finding that one spot that will make you melt. Sadly, Francis found that spot.

You moan into the kiss loud enough for Francis to hear, making all three smirk and Francis biting down on the spot.

You open your mouth from surprise and Gilbert stuck his tongue down your throat, licking every spot in your mouth with force.

You attempt to push Gilbert away again by pushing on his chest. You got him away from you to say "S-stop," you said between moans.

The Spaniard and the Frenchman frown and pull away, letting you go from their grip in the process.

"¿Qué te pasa hermosa," Antonio asked and stood next to Gilbert.

You stood there silenced, for you had no idea what he had said.

"It means 'What is it beautiful?'"

You nod your head and continue on. "I don't know why you guys would want me. I'm probably the dork of the campus," you said and looked down at your feet.

"Stop," Gilbert spoke, "you're not a dork."

Francis, Antonio, and you looked at Gilbert with surprise.

Gilbert ignored the looks and continued on. "You're the most beautiful girl on campus. Any man would die to have you in their arms. __________, I-Ich liebe dich." Gilbert turned a deep red and looked down.

Antonio's and your jaws dropped.

On the other side, Francis blushed and said "Je suis aussi dans l'amour avec vous"

You picked up your jaw to find Antonio looking down with Gilbert. "Yo también estoy enamorado de ti."

You blush wildly and started staring at your feet, drawing circles on the tile with them. "Y-all three of you love me," you guessed.

The trio lifted their heads and your head followed after them.

The three in front of you nod and you put your head back down again. "I... I don't know what to say," you replied and looked at each man in the eye.

The Bad Touch Trio gave you one week to sort out your feelings and walked away after each one giving you a kiss.

You carried on throughout the week as if nothing had happened.

However, every time you caught a glimpse at one of them, they would wink or smirk at you.

~~Next week~~

The Bad Touch Trio walked up behind you as you opened your locker. "__________," they all said together in perfect timing.

You turned around to face them and smiled.

"Have you decided Zat you love ze awesome me over zese two unawesome people," Gilbert asked and smirked.

Antonio and Francis looked at Gilbert with warning.

Of course, Gilbert ignored them and withheld the smirk on his face.

You shook your head and responded, "I can't decide."

All three men looked over at you.

"You have to choose, chica," Antonio interjected.

"Fine. I choose..."

All three smirked once again.

"Can't I just choose all three," you whined. You really had a crush on all three men, but you realized it over the week they gave you to sort put your feelings.

The trio before you eagerly nodded their heads.

~~I'll let 'dem perverts imagined what happened that night ;)~~


That's the end of the story!

If you're like me and like to translate phrases in a different language as the story goes on, Ignore this part, unless you want to compare what you got to what I got...

Anyways, here I go.

Frau: Girl
Mien: My
Wir wollen Ihren Körper: We want your body
I-Ich liebe dich: I-I love you

No nos falta mucho: Do not miss us too much
mis niñas: my girls
¿Qué te pasa hermosa: What is it beautiful?
Yo también estoy enamorado de ti: I am also in love with you

Ne vous inquiétez pas mes amours: Do not worry my loves
J'ai cherché partout pour vous, belle. Aimeriez-vous revenir à la maison avec moi ce soir?: I looked everywhere for you, beautiful. Would you like to come home with me tonight?
Je suis aussi dans l'amour avec vous: I am also in love with you
So, this is a request for :iconlyubit:.

Lyubit: I hope you enjoyed this and that I didn't fail you horribly.

I got nothing else to say...

Here, have a cookie or some cake.



Um... bye! :wave:
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Actually, 'Frau' means 'Mrs.' I think you mean 'Fräulein', which means 'Miss'.
animelovea Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014  Student Writer
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You're icon portrays my face perfectly when i ralized this: THEY WERE ACTING LIKE THE FREAKING HOST CLUB OF OURAN ACADEMY!!! BEYOND PRUSSIA LEVEL AWESOME!!!
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I don't think so. It means that you're.... Less.... Um... What's the word I'm looking for? XD
Moondancer24 Featured By Owner May 20, 2013
I was about to pick brazil as my personification but then I realized that because of Latin history and Shiz that would most likely result in incest, same thing with Luxembourg, I eventually settled of New Zealand.
(Why are all the cool countries always taken or out of bounds? :/ )
MasterDollar Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Antonio for the win! :meow: Awesome story, by the way! :D
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Thank you! :D
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