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Daddy!US X Playful!Child!Reader X Mommy!UK
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Submitted on
November 23, 2012
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Daddy!America X Playful!Child!Reader X Mommy!England: Mr. Tickle Monster


You quietly exited your room as you overheard your parents talking.

"Alfred love, can you chop wood for the winter's fires," Arthur asked.

It was fall, but the family loved to gather around the fire and watch a good Disney movie a lot, so, as a result, Alfred was required to chop a lot of wood.

You peeked around the wall blocking the hallway from the kitchen, where your parents, Alfred and Arthur, were talking.

Alfred stood up from his chair. "Of course I can," Alfred said, catching a glance at you.

As he looked at you, you came out from behind the wall, 'flying' on the ground like an airplane, moving your arms up and down opposite of each other, running straight into Alfred, bear hugging his legs and laughing.

Alfred laughed along and picked you up.

Your actions even got a chuckle from Arthur as he watched the other members of his family bond.

Alfred turned you upside-down, making sure your pink shirt wouldn't fly down with you. "Tickle monster!" He called out, using his left hand to tickle your stomach and neck.

You bent wherever the Tickle Monster was tickling you. "No! No! Bad tickle monster!"

"The tickle monster isn't bad. He just wants to have some fun." Alfred removed his hand from your stomach and put his hand within your view, personifying it as sad by having the fingers look down.

You couldn't help but feel sad for the Tickle Monster. "No~. Don't be sad Mr. Tickle Monster! I'm sorry!" You reached out for Alfred's hand. It was just barely out of reach, to your displeasure.

Alfred helped you into the upright position, having the Tickle Monster arms-length away from you.

You reached out and grabbed Alfred's hand, kissing his knuckles and smiling. Then you looked over your other smiling parent and held out Alfred's hand. "Mommy, the Tickle Monster wants a kiss from you too!"

Arthur looked up at Alfred, who nodded in agreement, opening and closing his hands and making a "mwah" sound as his hand did the actions.

Arthur smiled. "I suppose it wouldn't hurt." He walked up to the two of you and kissed Alfred's hand where you had.

"You can't do that, silly Mommy," you said with a smile. "That's where I kissed Mr. Tickle Monster." You kissed the spot again, re-claiming the spot as yours.

"Okay." Arthur said. "What if I kiss Mr. Tickle Monster... Here?" Arthur pointed to spot where his apparent left eye was.

"No! You just poked his eye~!" You cried. You took a gentle hold of Alfred's hand and pointed inbetween his supposive eyes. "You can kiss him here," you pointed to the spot where the middle and ring finger meet on the knuckle above the fingernail (It's long I know, but I don't know any other way to describe it! >.<), "or here."

I'll take this one." Arthur pointed to the second spot and kissed it lightly.

You smiled and threw your hands up in the air. "Yay! Mr. Tickle Monster is happy again! Right?" You faced Alfred's hand and tilted your head, petting his knuckles and the back if his hand.

Alfred faced his hand towards you and nodded it, smiling.

"Yay! We did it Mommy!" You gave out a large grin and laughed.

Alfred and Arthur laughed along.

"Yes we did love." Arthur kissed your head.

"We love you Mr. Tickle Monster!" You chuckled again as the Tickle Monster reappeared.

"Aww~. Mr. Tickle Monster loves you too, __________," Alfred said as you brought Alfreds hand into a tight hug against your chest like you would your favorite teddy bear.


The End of this Major Fluff Story!

I'm sorry if the spacing is all weird or there is no spacing, this was copied and pasted off of my gmail and was attempted to fix on, but I gave up.

This originally was a contest entry for one of the groups I'm in, but I couldn't restist turning it into a fluff story instead >.< It was so cute~!

Anyways, I wrote this as I was on my way to Oregon on my phone, and I had been in the car for like 8 hours before, plus this was really just for fun, so I really wasn't careul about sentence structure or anything like that. But I did look it over 4 times before submitting it... I should be good :D

Anyways, I'm going to fall behind my schedule so bad, I have a stupid case of Writer's Block and I can't figure out how to get rid of it. :cry:

Now for credits~!

Hetalia + Characters: Himaruya
You: You
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Emgoldey Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Adorable~! My heart melted due to the fluffiness!
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there should be more of these I love this so much!!! (I'm crying right now it was so good!! T^T)
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i called my grandpa the tickle monster XD he tickles me alot >3< ( 14 btw )
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