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England X Reader: Caught in The Rain - animelovea
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Submitted on
November 10, 2012
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England X Reader: Prize for sunshineanddaisies

Caught In the Rain


"Oh come on," you said to your backpack as you looked through the pockets one more time. You zipped up your backpack's pockets and sat against the door. "Why today," you asked yourself, banging your head on the door softly. "Why did I have to forget my key on the only day this week it rains?" You turned your head towards the road and sighed.

On your way home it was lightly raining, but too many drops to be a sprinkle. Now, after 5 minutes of searching through your backpack, it was raining hard, almost pouring.

You sat up and sent a text to your father with the problem at hand.

Daddy... I'm in a situation...

A few seconds later, your phone went off, signaling that your father had replied.

You (opened/unlocked) your phone and read the text.

What happened?

I left my key inside... again...



I'm sorry.


Its okay. What are you going to do until then?

... I will sit out front until you come home... Most likely.


Are you doing that now? Are you getting wet? What do you mean most likely?

Yes, no, I might walk around if I get bored or if I get too cold or something. I'll probably go check out the creek if I do.


Are you sure you want to sit out there? You can go over to a friends house if you want.

It's fine. What time will you be home?


I should be home around 5:30. I'll try and hurry home.

You checked the time on your phone. It read 2:49.



See you soon.


You (shut/locked) your phone and puts it in your pocket, sighing of frustration. You rested your head against the door and closed your eyes when your phone went off again.

Luv u! :*

After looking over the message again and again to make sure what you saw was true, you face-palmed at your fahthers use of text language and replied.

Love you.

You pulled out a worksheet that your mathematics teacher gave you and pulled out a pencil when your phone rang again.

: )

You smiled, (locking/closing) your phone and started working on the worksheet given.

About 30 minutes later, you finished your worksheet and set down the pencil, looking over the problems again. Feeling content with your work, you put the sheet back into your backpack and shivered from the cold. You turned your head back to the street to find it raining lighter than it was before and your neighbor, Arthur Kirkland, walking down the street.

Arthur had been your neighbor for as long as you could remember. He lived in the house to the right of yours.

The house to the left had been vacant for years and none of the other neighbors, or coincidentally, no one else on this street, had any kids your age, so Arthur was naturally your best friend growing up.

Arthur was walking down the street in a trench coat and his pair of blue plaid pants, signalling that he was in his school uniform. He was carrying a black umbrella to block himself from getting wet and his backpack was on his back.

When Arthur got close enough to hear you over the rain by screaming, you yelled at him. "Hey Arthur~!"

Your yelling caught his attention. He looked at you and smiled. "Well hello there love." He frowned when he saw what position you were in. "What's wrong __________?"

You blushed at him calling you love and replied "I forgot my key today. It's nothing really."

Arthur stopped in front of your house and looked at you with concern.

In return you stood up and got as close to the rain as you can without stepping outside of the overhang in front of your door.

"Would you like to come over to my home? I can't just leave you out here all alone in the rain."

You blushed even harder at his comment. "N-no thank you, I'm fine here."

Arthur walked underneath the overhang with you. "I should at least stay until your mum gets home."

You looked up at him. "Sure." You took a seat below the window next to your door and patted the seat next to you away from the door, asking him to sit through your actions.

Arthur set his backpack down next to yours and sat down next to you. "What have you been doing out here?"

You turned your head toward his and replied, "Just doing homework that doesn't require a textbook. I got through one. I have like three worksheets left to do, all from science."

"I could help you with it, love. Science is my best subject, after all." Arthur smiled at you.

"S-sure," you replied with the blush spreading further. You got up and went over to your backpack, pulling out your Science worksheets and a notebook to write on.

~Time Skip again :D~

"Is that the answer," you asked Arthur, writing out the answer to the final problem of the worksheets.

Arthur looked at the paper as you finished up the writing. "Yep. That's it love."

You set down the items on your lap to the cement beneath you and hugged Arthur. "Thank you so much! I didn't realize how hard those questions would be."

Arthur hugged you back. "No problem __________."

You pulled away slowly and looked away from him, blushing as red as hell.

"_________, there's something I want to tell you."

You looked up at him, waiting to hear what he was going to say.

The rain in the background made it hard to hear him, but you were still able to understand what he was saying. "__________, I'm in love with you." He blushed about half as hard as you were.

Arthur leaned in and kissed you.

You closed your eyes immediately and leaned in, deepening the kiss.

Arthur pulled away and looked you in the eye.

You opened your eyes and smiled. "I love you too. For a long time." After that, you shivered from the lack of heat again.

Arthur took off his trench coat and placed it around you. "We wouldn't want you getting sick, now would we?"

You wrapped the trench coat around you tighter. "But won't you get cold?"

Arthur shook his head. "I will be fine love."

"Are you sure?"


O-" You shivered once again. "Okay."

Arthur frowned and pulled you in, embracing you to keep you from the cold.

You dug your face and arms into his chest and closed your eyes. "I love you Arthur."

"I love you too __________." Arthur rested his chin on the top of your head.

~Time skip to the time your dad got home. 5:29 p.m.~

~3rd Person POV~

__________'s father drove down the street and into the (street/court) he lived in and saw his daughter, __________, cuddling with Arthur. He had know that they had been practically best friend forever, but this he wouldn't tolerate. 

Outraged with __________'s actions, he parked in the driveway and exited his car. "Arthur!"

"Hello there Mr. (last name)."

"What are you doing with my daughter?"

__________ woke up and rubbed her eyes, opening them to a very angry father. "Father. Don't be mad at him."

"Why shouldn't I?"

"Because this is my fault." __________ stood up and looked at her father in the eye.

"Mr. (last name), this is my fault, not __________'s. She was out here all alone in the rain and I wanted to make her feel better. Please don't blame __________ for this. It is my fault." Arthur looked at __________'s father with confidence.

After a few seconds, __________'s father started laughing. "I like you son." He said to Arthur. "I know you wouldn't do anything to hurt ___________."

Arthur's and ___________'s jaws dropped. They thought that they were in trouble for what had happened.

__________'s father laughed again at their reactions. "Come on __________, Let get you inside." He unlocked the door and went inside, being cautious of the backpacks.

"I'll be inside in a second!" __________ called to her father. She turned to Arthur and kissed him. "Good night Arthur."

"Good Night," Arthur replied.

They kissed again.

__________ pulled away and took the trench coat off. "Do you want your coat back?"

"It's fine love."

"But won't you be cold walking home?" A concerned look spread on __________'s face.

"I'll be fine love," Arthur picked up his backpack and umbrella and walked out into the rain.

"Good night," __________ called out to Arthur.

"Good night love," Arthur said and walked home.

__________ smiled and went inside.

A prize from my first ever contest to :devsunshineanddasies112:

Hetalia - Not me
You - You
Your father - Your father.
Story - Me
Your backpack - You
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Goldenpancakekk Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
My backpack belongs to Walmart
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Awesome story, I just woke and I'm in the happy mood :3
animelovea Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013  Student Writer

I'm glad you feel that way now :3
Goldenpancakekk Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Now If wish it would rain T^T the ONLY day IT'S SUNNY...OUT OF THIS WHOLE WEEK, is when I read the ' caught in the RAIN' crappy luck
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So adorable!!
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AWWW!!!!! this is so cute! I love Arthur in this story! my backpack belongs to me? of course!
animelovea Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013  Student Writer
I'm sorry, **puts her right hand on your left shoulder** it doesn't. It belongs to me. **smiles**
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But I'm owned by Mother Russia!
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