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England X Reader: Trip to France - Chapter 1
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November 13, 2012
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"Flight 204 to France now boarding," a man over the intercom stated. "First class and minors, please line up so we may take your tickets."

About 20 people stood up and lined up with their suitcases. A few minors with their parents stood up and lined up as well, mixing in with the others.

However, you and your best friend, Alfred stayed put in the blue, uncomfortable seats they called chairs waiting for the line to die down.

"This is going to be SO much fun," you said sarcastically as you rolled your eyes, placing your elbow on the arm of the chair and resting your chin on your palm. You didn't really enjoy riding on airplanes, in fact, you avoided them as much as possible, not because of the cost, but of the ways of their 'entertainment.' "it's the perfect way to start a hard-earned vacation."

Being the country representative of (country name) wasn't that easy. You always had paperwork to do, you had to make sure that the economy was doing fine, not to mention that your boss hounded you practically every day. This vacation was not only well-deserved, it was overdue.

"Come on __________! You're going to France for the first time. Be excited!" Alfred tried to cheer you up, but he was just making it worse for you.

You sat up and looked at Alfred. "I'm excited about going to France, but not the whole 'going on an airplane' thing. Taking a boat would have been much more fun than some stupid airplane."

"Come on dude, stop being so negative!"

The man on the intercom spoke again. "Last call for first class flyers and minors."

"Well that's my call," you said and grabbed your carry-on. "I'll see you soon Alfred."

"Goodbye __________. Call me when you land," Alfred replied.

You released the grip on your carry-on and hugged him for a few seconds. "I will. Goodbye." You grabbed it once again and went in line.

"Bye," Alfred said one more time and watched your board the plane to make sure you were safe.

"Ticket please," The woman at the kiosk said with a smile on her face.

You reached into your pocket and pulled the ticket out.

You gave it to the woman and she scanned it. "Thank you." She handed the ticket back to you and motioned you could go in.

You went inside and followed the long tan hallway down into the plane.

When you reached the plane, a man helped you into the plane.

You looked down at the ticket and thought silently to yourself, "I am in... 10F."

You looked around and found 10F. You found that you were sitting by yourself in the row, which made you smile. 'At least I can sit on the plane in silence,' you thought. You took your seat and placed your bag next to you.

~Long Time Skip!~

The plane landed roughly, scaring everyone a bit because of how rough it was. A minute later, a recording was played over the intercom, "Please remain seated until the plane has completely stopped. Please keep your seat belt on until the plane has come to a complete stop. Thank you for choosing Delta Flight and have a wonderful trip." Then, the recorder repeated everything in Spanish, then in French.

The plane soon came to a complete stop and everyone stood up, grabbing their bags from the over head and from underneath their seats.

You stood up and called Alfred. "Hey Al."

You could hear his voice on the other side.

"Hey __________! You made it in France okay?"

"Yeah. I'm fine, just trying to get out of the plane right now. There are so many people.."

"Yeah. Public planes are a pain in the ass."

"You can say that again," you said zipping up your carry-on and stood in front of seat 10D, waiting for an opening to get into the isle.

"So you just landed?"


"Awesome! I talked to some of my friends and they are waiting in the airport now for you."

"Alright. Is one of them that really creepy dude with the pipe?"

"Hell no __________! It's not him. I would never trust him with you."

"Well thank you for keeping an eye out for me Alfred."

"I'm the hero, and the hero never lets the girl get hurt."

You smiled at what he said. "So where are they?"

"They are waiting in the waiting area by the gate you're exiting. They will most likely be bickering at each other like an old married couple."

"Noted. How will they know who I am?"

"They know,"
he said simply.

"Okay - Wait! How the hell do they know what I look like?!"

He hung up the phone.

You put your phone in your pocket and went into the isle, exiting the plane.

You walked down a gray hallway this time. It seemed at least twice as long as the other one did.

You exited the gate and and looked around. 'Arguing like an old married couple...'

You took another look around to find two men arguing loudly. 'That must be them,' you thought and walked towards them.

The first thing that you noticed was they both had blonde hair, one had shoulder-length hair, the other had short hair.

You had finally reached then and said, "Excuse me. Are you here to show me around France?"

They both stopped arguing and looked at you. The one with the short hair was the first to speak. "I'm awfully sorry about that love, I'm sorry I didn't notice you earlier. But this bloody frog had to pick a fight with me!"

The man had a British accent, which made you blush. Let's say you had a thing for Englishmen.

"Oui, it is true. But you enjoyed it, no?"

This man had a french accent. 'He must be from here,' you thought.

"Of course I didn't you frog! No one likes to talk to you!"

'Yep. these are them alright.' "Um... guys?"


"I have no idea who you guys are, but apparently you know who I am..."

"You must be __________! Alfred told us about you. I'm Arthur."

You blushed even deeper.

But you were distracted as the Frenchman gently grabbed your hand and kissed it, cutting in front of Arthur to capture your attention. "I am the vorld renounced Francis." He kissed your hand lightly. "You vould like to come home with me tonight, no?"

"Of course she wouldn't bloody frog! And you don't ask a lady that sort of question when you first meet her!"

You blushed even deeper when you heard him stand up for you. 'This Francis guy is really a pervert.'

And just like that, they got into another fight.

You sighed. "Are you going to show me around? Because I can do it myself if you want."

"No, a lady shouldn't do walk around by herself in such a place. I will gadly escort you around love."

"I vill come too."

"You too have to promise not to argue."

Once again, Arthur was the first one to speak. "I won't try to."

You looked at Francis.

"Of course I promise not to fight with Arthur for zhis tour of my beautiful home."

"Alright. Let's go," You said and went to the baggage pick up area.

"A lady can't carry her own bags," Arthur said, catching your attention. "It's not gentlemanly of me to let you carry your own bags. Let me take them for you love."

You blushed at Arthur's offer and handed him your bag. "Thanks."

"You're welcome __________."

You, Francis, and Arthur went over to the baggage area and picked up all of your luggage. You tried to take you bag, but Francis insisted on taking it for you, you couldn't help but to let him do it.

They loaded your stuff in the car carefully, putting your luggage in first, then your carry-on.

You three got in the car and drove away from the airport.

The two drove you around town. They pointed out all of the good places to eat, all of the bad restaurants, the parks, where gangs meet up, which places to avoid. You wanted to go in the restaurants, but Arthur said that is was too close to 'bedtime' for you to eat. Sadly, he was right. It was 22:37 (10:37 PM) and you were looking to go to bed at 22:45 (10:45 PM).

After driving around, you and the boys finally got to the hotel you were staying at.

"Thanks for the help, boys, but I got it from here," You said, exiting the car and grabbing your bag from the back.

Right before you were about to close the back, your said one last thing to them. "Bye guys. It was nice meeting you two." You closed the door and went inside to your collect your room key and get some well-deserved rest.
Chapter One of a request series from :iconsunshineanddaises112:

Enjoy the sexyness of England and France.

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Hetalia (c) Himaruya
Writing (c) Nikki (animelovea)
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