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August 14, 2012
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Germany X Reader LEMON~ ;:Request:;

This is a request for ~CarrotSoren. Hope you like it!

This is my first lemon... go easy on me okay? :)

Remember: LEMON = SEX! No like? No read. Under 18? Shouldn't read. But I have no control over you.

Enjoy the German sexiness~
Germany X Reader LEMON~ ;:Request:;

You leaned over and put your hands on your knees, panting very hard.

Ludwig just had you ran three miles for training, even though training was over for the day.

Ludwig was always stricter on you than the other two, but whenever you asked he would never reply to your question. He would say things like "__________, get back to training! Zere is no time for slacking off!" or "go home, ve are done for ze day."

Truth was, you were in love with this strict German. The way he slicked back his hair to his tolerance for Feliciano. Ludwig was the reason why you joined Axis in the first place, and you did not regret your decision one bit.

"Ludwig," you say panting, "can I go home now? Kiku and Feliciano have already left. Why am I even in overtime anyways?!"

"No, und because you joined late, so you need to build up ze muscle und agility."

"What will it take for me to go home," you ask/whine, still panting.

"One more mile."


"Or you can come home vith me."

You didn't hesitate. "Let's go." You took Ludwig's hand and led him towards his car.

"__________, vhy are you so anxious to go home vith me?" Ludwig asks, not trying to get you to let go of him.

You blush at the question and quickly reply, "its better than running another mile."

You and Ludwig get to his car and head out to Ludwig's house, forgetting about your car sitting in front of Ludwig's.

@_@ Time skip? @_@

Ludwig unlocks the door and leads you inside, closing the door behind him.

Before you can even open your breath you hear a voice shout from another room.

"Vest, you're home. Can you make me somezing to eat? Ze awesome me is starving!" You hear the sounds of buttons being pushed and a bird chirping coming from the same room as the voice.

"Nein. Bruder, you need to make your own meals." This had now turned into an argument.

"Who is-" you attempted to ask, only to be cut off.

"But ze awesome me already had a meal. Zis is a snack."

"Zen get up und make your own snack."

"Would you-" You tried again, to no avail.

"Come on bruder. Ze awesome me is kicking Francis' und Toni's unawesome ass."

"Bruder, stop the game und-"

"FRANCIS HOW ZE HELL ARE YOU STILL ALIVE?? I JUST KILLED YOU WITH MEIN AWESOME SPARTAN LASER!!!" The man shouted at the person on the other end, Francis.

"Um, who is that?" You said while pointing toward where the voice was coming from.

Ludwig sighs and repies "Zat is-"

"I am ze awesome Gilbert!"

You swear you saw some steam come out of Ludwig's head before he finished his sentence. "Zat is mein older bruder, Gilbert."

"Oh! He is the one who represents the country that doesn't -"

"LA LA LA LA LA! PRUSSIA IS ZE AWESOMIST COUNTRY IN ZE VOLE VIDE VORLD UND NO ONE CAN CHANGE ZAT!!!!" How would Gilbert know when you and Ludwig were speaking?

"He is very.... Proud of his heritage," Ludwig says, pinching the bridge of his nose.

"He really is," you reply, "so," you say trying to change the topic, "what are we going to do here?"

"Excuse me?"

"You invited me over, you must have some plans."

Ludwig blushes at his idea of how to spend time with you, but recovers. "Ve could go into mein room."

"Okay," you say and follow Ludwig into his room. On the way up, you admired his house and even heard Gilbert scream into the Mic a few times.

When Ludwig opens the door to his room, you two were greeted by 3 dogs, a Golden Retriever, a Doberman, and a German Shepherd, who Ludwig introduced as Aster, Berlitz, and Blackie. They were acting a bit protective and kept jumping on you, so Ludwig was constantly giving out commands like "nach unten" and "zurück."

Ludwig called out for his brother again, "Gilbert, Ich schicke meine Hunde bis zu Ihnen. Werden Sie beobachten sie und stellen Sie sicher, sie nicht sterben, wie man fast das letzte Mal?"

Gilbert was a little hesitated at his reply, "Warum Bruder? Sie werden die atemberaubenden mir von dem Gewinn zu stoppen!"

'Great. Another argument'

"Das ist nicht etwas, was Sie wissen müssen."

"Hat Westen haben ein anderes Mädchen zu spielen?" You could hear the smirk in his voice, even though you had no idea what they were saying.


You could hear Gilbert laugh from all the way in his room. "Ich nehme Blackie, Aster, und Berlitz. Sie und das Mädchen haben einige sexy Spaß Bruder."

"Blackie, Berlitz, Aster. Nach oben, um Onkel!"

The three dogs ran to where Gilberts voice was coming from and Ludwig let you in.

"This is a nice room," you said and sat down on Ludwigs bed.

"Ja. Zank you," Ludwig replied and sat down next to you on his bed.

"Well, what did you want to do in here," you say while leaning back on your hands.

"Vell, I vanted to talk to you about somezing important." Ludwig replied.

"If this is about training--" You were getting really tired of the cut off crap.

"Nein. Zis is not about training. __________, Ich... Ich liebe dich." Ludwig was blushing really hard as he used up a lot of his courage to say that one sentence.

You were blushing just as hard, maybe harder, and at a loss for words. "Ludwig. I--" 'is it normal for Germans to cut people off, because this is way past annoying'

"I understand if you don't love me back, everyone alvays finds me as strict or intimidating," Ludwig stated, remembering how people had treated him in the past.

"Ludwig," you say to capture his attention, "I love you too."

Ludwig heard you, "__________, you don't have to-"

You kissed him and wrapped your arms around his neck. You soon pulled away, much to Ludwig's displeasure. "I am not lying to make you feel better. I love you Ludwig."

Ludwig replies with a smirk and crashes his lips into yours. He puts his right hand behind your head to ensure that you weren't escaping and to bring your heads closer together. His other hand gripped your thigh tightly.

The pain Ludwig was giving you soon turned into pleasure, and you kissed him back, wrapping your arms around his neck.

Ludwig bit your bottom lip quickly and roughly, making you gasp in pain and ecstasy. Ludwig stuck his tongue in your mouth without permission and explored every inch of his new-found territory, making you moan into his mouth.

Smirking, Ludwig roughly pushed you on to his bed and got in between your legs, making it so that your legs were bent on either side of him, and pinned your wrists above your head and kissed down your collar bone until he reached your breasts. He took off your (f/c) tank top and (s/f/c) bra, leaving your chest exposed to a hungry Ludwig.

His right hand started massaging your right breast in a large, circular motion, his left hand was still fixed on your thigh, and he sucked and bit on your left bud until it went hard and repeated his actions on the opposite side of your body.

In response to the actions, you moaned, encouraging him to continue what he was doing.

After a bit, your right bud got hard, so he traveled back up your body and kissed you again.

You unbuttoned his shirt and tugged at the collar, signaling that you wanted it off.

Ludwig smirked and pulled away to take off his jacket and black tank top, exposing his muscular chest and abs. He leaned back in and kissed you once more.

Your hand trailed down his strong body until you reached the waist line of his pants. You opened your eyes and looked down, and started to undo his pants.

The German understood what you were doing and slid off his pants, making them land on the floor.

You were a bit disappointed at how he didn't take off his German-flagged boxers. Before you could say anything, Ludwig took off your shorts and panties, tossing them carelessly to the side, and started tracing around your opening.

You moaned in ecstasy and pleasure as he continued his actions.

Ludwig took away the finger tracing your opening and replaced it with something you'd never expect.

Ludwig inserted his tongue into your opening and moved it around in there until he managed to find your g-spot.

"L-Ludwig!!! More! Right there- Ah!" You screamed and arched your back.

The German smirked and took his tongue out and inserted two of his fingers in as a replacement.

Ludwig thrusted his two fingers inside and out of you until he found your g-spot again.

Ludwig continued to hit it until you cried out to him. "Ludwig! I'm going to-" You released your juices.

Luckily, Ludwig was there to lap up your juices as they came out.

When Ludwig finished, he took off his boxers and positioned himself at your opening. "Are you ready __________?"

You nodded and closed your eyes, bracing yourself for the pain he was about to give you.

Ludwig slowly pushed himself inside of you and stopped once he saw your reaction.

You had few tears steaming down your face, and it was clear that you were trying to hold back a scream.

Ludwig leaned in and kissed away the tears falling down your face.

The kisses Ludwig were giving you weren't like the ones he had given you before, which were rough. These were soft and gentle, and you felt another side of him come out. A side where he cared about you and wanted to make sure you woke up in the morning alright.

Ludwig had always had this side of himself, but he was too scared to. He was always afraid that you might reject him and run away, so he kept those feelings locked up inside whenever he saw you. Besides, he needed to act like a strong leader whenever Feliciano was around, which was a majority of the time, in hopes of getting Feliciano to be not so… himself.

"Ludwig, I'm ready, you can move now," you say, looking into Ludwig's deep blue eyes.

Ludwig nods once again in reply and thrusts in and out of you, hitting your g-spot after a few thrusts.

"L-Ludwig! Again! M-more!"

Ludwig continues to hit your g-spot again and again until he was ready.

"__________! I'm about to cum!"

"Me too-"

You both shouted each other's names while you both cum at the same time.



When you both finish, Ludwig pulls out and lies down next to you. "Ich liebe dich __________," Ludwig tells you while panting.

Panting as well, you bury your face into Ludwig's chest. "I love you too Ludwig"

Ludwig cover the both of you and wraps his arms around you, whispering into your ear, "Gute nacht"

You smile and close your eyes. "Good night."

You both feel asleep happily in each others arms.

Meanwhile, Gilbert was too busy screaming into the mic, ignoring the barking dogs, and hearing explosions to notice what you two were doing.


Huge Translation time!

So, I've received a lot of comments about the translations and I figured that I should put up the conversations that Gilbert and Ludwig had in German.

Here I go!

Ludwig called out for his brother again, "Gilbert, I'm sending my dogs up to you. Please make sure that they do not die, like you almost did last time."

Gilbert was a little hesitated at his reply, "Why brother? They will stop the awesome me from winning."

"That is not something you need to know."

"Is West going to have sexy time with a girl?" You could hear the smirk in his voice, even though you had no idea what they were saying.


You could hear Gilbert laugh from all the way in his room. "I will take Blackie, Aster, and Berlitz. You and the girl have some sexy fun time."

"Blackie, Berlitz, Aster. Go to Uncle."

The Tree dogs ran to where Gilberts voice was coming from and Ludwig let you in.

Other translations:

nach unten: down
zurück: back
Ich liebe dich: I love you
Gute nacht: Good night

I'm sorry for confusions in the translations, I used a generic translator app on my phone, which I am seriously regretting.
Okay, so, this is my first lemon, and it didn't go through :iconthelittlea: (Kesesesese! :iconyayprussiaplz:) so I'm sorry if the grammar or the... scenes ended up being so unbearably horrible!

Let me know what you thought of it!

If you think the grammar/some scenes could use some improvement, let me know!

Or if you want to be another editor, just ask~.

Hope you enjoy it :iconcarrotsoren:!

I'm still working on requests. (I'm thinking about them not going through :iconthelittlea: to go faster...)

I don't own Hetalia or you.
You belong to Germany.
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ThePrincessPsycho 3 days ago  Student Filmographer
yes, Alaska becomes one with Germany >:3
Kermityay Kermityay Kermityay Perfection, my dear. Perfection indeed.
LiliLovesFrench 4 days ago  New member Student Artist
Urm Hibiya Amamiya-01 (Shy Blush) [V2]  Ok
How I love Germany not to mention how bad I feel for him....anyhow this was awesome! Good job!
NyanGirShadow Mar 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This is probably in my top 3 favorite stories. I really liked how you mentioned his soft side, because when most authors write lemons and stuff, its just something to do. But in this one, you can just feel his love for the reader and vice versa. Anyway, beautiful work! Keep it up.
Go to uncle?!...
*moans, then fAints from sexiness*
M-Mein Gott, this was so hawt!! :iconmajornosebleedplz: :icongermanyblushplz: :icongermanygasmplz: :iconfangasmplz: :iconifaintplz: Spaz attack 
Lousiey Feb 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconnosebleedingplz: GERMANY! I love youuuu ~ Iche liebe dich Ludwig <3
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